Dear NHL, I’m Breaking Up With You

Dear NHL,

There’s no easy way to say this. I’m breaking up with you.

Sure there have been some fun times, the Wings winning so many Cups when I was a kid, and that playoff streak – whew! Not to mention the Stadium Series in February, it was pretty awesome to fly across the country to watch the Wings beat the Avs by the skin of their teeth.

But I can’t take it anymore. I can’t ignore your off-ice dealings. You had a shady start to begin with (Eddie Livingstone, anyone?) and as things get worse you seem to give fewer and fewer shits about me, about female fans, and really, about hockey fans in general.

I had an idea for a site related to hockey that I was really excited to work on. I had database diagrams, a design outline, a lot of thought and time had gone into this.

But I’m not going to do it anymore. I don’t feel like investing my time and energy in you anymore. Why should I? You don’t give a flying fuck about me anyway. Why should I feel safe in your arenas? Why shouldn’t you have to hold your players to at least decent humanity standards?

Hockey has been an escape for me for years. When I was younger, I spent pretty much every weekend of the season at the rink. Watching, learning, loving. Hockey is a great game and you’re to the point now, where you’re ruining it.

From the last two years alone, this is what I have come to learn about the NHL’s stance on several things.

  1. Violence against women is ok.
  2. Raping women will be rewarded, not punished.
  3. If a player is not as valuable as he once was, it’s ok to trash him, even when he needs help the most.
  4. You some how think you’re a court of law. (“unfounded”? Really? You think you can state that? Pretty strong statement for a non-legal body).
  5. Concussions are still a myth to you.

I know you’re a business, and money is your top priority, but in case you haven’t noticed, businesses who care about their audience do better than those who don’t.

So, I’m stepping back, I’ve re-evaluated our relationship, and I’ve decided that it’s not benefiting me anymore. Clean up your act, and maybe we can talk, but right now, I’m taking my money, time, and loyalty elsewhere. Maybe I’ll go hang with the NWHL.


A Disappointed Fan

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